Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Prepping Websites

            You might think it is silly to recommend other people’s blogs when I have one of my own. However, my intent with this blog has never been to become the most inclusive, one-stop shop for everything prepper related on the internet. Rather, I want a small, succinct spot for sharing some ideas for the small-scale prepper like myself. I can’t afford to buy a homestead in the country and cut myself off from society. At this point, anyway, I am not willing to do that.
            I do, though, devour many books and websites devoted to prepping and survival. I have come across some very good sites, but they can be overwhelming. Below are two of my favorites. From the website: “The purpose of this Blog is to inform and motivate readers to take steps that will help prepare themselves and their families. Survival is not just about guns, groceries and gadgets. More importantly, it is about having friends that you can trust when times get hard, such as for:
A Dollar Crisis/Monetary Collapse (witness the current hyperinflation in Zimbabwe)
Naturally occurring plague or pandemic
Nuclear Blackmail (North Korea and China have already made public threats)
Terrorist LNG fuel sector or power grid attack
Terrorist nuclear, biological, or chemical attack
Fuel and/or food shortage crisis
Major volcanic and/or earthquake events
Nation-state nuclear, biological, or chemical attack

As well for these far less likely but potentially even more cataclysmic possibilities:
Asteroid or comet strike
Tidal Waves/Surges
Global War
Martial Law
Science Accidents (Genetically modified crop failure, nanotechnology "gray goo", et cetera.)
Climate change

          James Wesley, Rawles (I don’t know what the comma is for) is the “godfather” of preppers/survivalists. I tell everyone I know to read his book Patriots if they want to know why I am the way I am. There is a ton of information, but it is all good information. From the website: “Even though I have been a city dweller my entire life, I was brought up by parents who knew and taught us the value of self reliance, frugal living, and how to have a do-it-yourself outlook. My Father could fix anything, build anything, and just make things work.
My growing up years were spent on a ½ acre plot of land where my parents built our house and planted apple, pear, cherry, peach and plum trees, a large raspberry patch, and a garden with a variety of vegetables. We had a large freezer which my Mother filled with home-baked bread, fruits, vegetables, and beef, bought at 1/2 of the animal when we could afford it.
Under the laundry room, via a trap door, was our cellar filled with home-canned fruit and bottles of various jams and jellies. Most of our clothing was homemade, sewn on an old treadle sewing machine.
We were poor by my parent’s standards, but I never noticed. We always had plenty to eat, clothes to wear, a variety of toys (the homemade stilts were a blast!), and lots of love. Because of this upbringing, frugal living is deeply engrained in me.”

          Joan (last name not found on site) is a grandmother who has always been a prepper. She created her website so she could disseminate information on survival geared specifically towards families and to make a little money. It is an incredible site that seems to focus most on food and sundry preparation techniques. She uses old school Mormon principals of including keeping a two year supply of food and water and charity towards your neighbors.

You owe it to yourself to visit these sites as you start your prepping. Just remember, Baby Steps.

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