Monday, March 11, 2013

The Reluctant Outdoorsman

           There is a reason why I am called the Reluctant Prepper. Prepping requires a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of thinking. I don’t have a lot of time. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t have a whole lot of room left in my brain to allocate to more diverse thinking. So I am reluctant, but doing it anyway.

            To date I have concentrated more on the” stuff” more than the “skills.” My fellow Preppers are always quick to remind me the absolute necessity of learning more primitive skills, things that can be done very simply without modern conveniences. I have some skills and a lot of books that I will study more closely “someday.” Take heart, I recognize this is my big flaw as a Prepper and will take steps to improve my “toolbox” as I can.

            One area I plan to work on is being more “outdoorsy.” Don’t get me wrong, I am not “city folk.” I grew up in a rural farming community and currently reside in a large town that considers itself a rural farming community. We tent-camped a few times a year growing up and still continued that up to a few years ago, when our little sojourns into the state campgrounds became fewer and fewer. At that point, when we did camp, we went to areas that had running water, flush toilets and showers. Now, we haven’t been camping in years and more primitive camping is even further in the past.

           I would like to change this sad state of being. I plan to begin camping again this Spring, working my way from modern convenience tent-camping back to deeper woods, outhouse campsites (eventually). Yes, I could start sleeping under the stars and pooping in a hole now, but let’s try baby steps first. Not only for me, but to preserve my marriage. Mrs. TRP does not poop in holes (at least, not yet.)

           Another skill that I lack completely is hunting. Sure, I can shoot and I can hit moving targets fairly well, but I have never in my life hunted and killed an animal, butchered it, cooked it and ate it. Fishing I can do (although some would disagree), but hunting I have never done. I say I could do it, but I am wholly untested. I have no doubt I could shoot an animal, but butchering it efficiently is another story. So as soon as someone has the patience to teach me, I will start working on my hunting skills, too.

            There is a lot left to learn to be a good Prepper. I have started out pretty well and continue to grow, but it is time to start filling in the gaps. I need to go from theory to practice.



  1. Hi I have been reading your blog and wondered if as a "reluctant" prepper this might be of interest to you:

    There is a burning desire among many American’s to step out of the rat-race which appeals to the national psyche. Pioneering spirits and sturdy self-reliance are all deep-rooted aspects within the psyche of the American character. Often unfairly marginalized as “doomsday” nuts, many Americans desire for an off the grid life isn’t fueled by fears of impending societal collapse, nor is it characterized by food and munitions hoarding. Instead many individuals and families simply yearn for a life of self-sufficiency and tranquility away from the rigors imposed on us by the boundaries of mainstream society.

    My name is Josh Bloom and I am interested in contacting families / individuals who are considering going “of the grid” for the first time or who desire to return to this lifestyle.

    We are producing a TV series which will allow families, individuals or groups of like-minded souls to experience life off the grid, at no cost to them, in order to prepare for their new lifestyle and longer term commitments.

    If you have been considering a different lifestyle and are driven by a rational drive for what is best for you and your family, then you may be a suitable candidate.

    Please drop me a line: , private message or reply to this thread if you would like to hear more.

    Kind Regards


  2. Josh,

    Thanks so much for reading. Your project sounds intriguing, however, I have no desire to appear on television. I use a pseudonym because I like my privacy. On top of that, though your project may have the best of intentions, Preppers are too often painted in a negative light in the name of ratings. I wish you good luck on this project and look forward to viewing the finished project.