Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Wrote an eBook!

Seems funny for a guy who rarely updates his own blog to take the time to write an book covering the same topic as his blog, but I did it anyway. The reason why is Amazon is chock full of books written by Preppers for Preppers to become better Preppers. Those books that are written for the novice are usually exhaustive compendiums that become a huge turnoff a few chapters in.

Situations are creating Preppers more often than enlightenment and that is backwards, people!

I have maintained for years that being prepared does not have to change your entire lifestyle. Adding some extra food and water to the pantry is a start. You don't have to cash out your 401k and buy a bunker in the woods tomorrow. Ease into it, my friends. Prepare for that short-term emergency first, then move on to the long-term survival situations. That is why I wrote the book. I talk about my own journey and offer tips for yours, as well. It's short, like 30 something pages and cheap, only a buck. So I urge you to buy it and review it.

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