Saturday, February 18, 2012

More About Books

I added a list of some of my favorite Prepper books over on the right side of screen. It is not an all-inclusive list by any means. Since this website deals with new and less extreme prepping, there are some books you might want to shy away from. Trust me, reading Patriots by John Wesley, Rawles is likely to turn you into a more hardcore Prepper. One Second After is even more likely to scare you. Just remember, you cannot prepare for every eventuality, but you can be better prepared, in general.
My advice is to start small. Read The Prepper’s Pocket Guide first. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up Where There is No Doctor and Where There is No Dentist, too.
There is also a great phone app for you to have. It’s called the iMedJet. It is a pocket CPR and First aid guide for your phone. It gives you step by step instructions for treating emergencies. And it is absolutely free!!!


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