Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bug-Out Bag Options

Last time I talked about starting out simply with your bug-out bag. Let’s look at some other options. You will likely not be alone. While assembling my bug-out bag, I started to think about my family and what we could all carry. I’m strong, so I could carry more water and other heavy items. The wife could carry more food since she is would likely prepare it, too. She’s logistical in that way, you know. One son is an older teenager, so weapons and other heavy duty items in his bag. My younger son is strong, but obviously the weakest back. So possibly toiletries, linens, etc.

This is a different way of thinking and I can’t say it’s perfect. Most Preppers would say to pack each item as a separate bag as if you are going out alone. Frankly, I’m not going out alone. If my family can’t bug-out with me, I’m not likely to bug-out. I’m not leaving anyone behind.

I’ve been checking out a few bags I like. Remember that high visibility bags are not good. I found a few bags here. Good bags, military grade and some of them are pretty cheap. Fifty bucks for a quality bag is a great deal. If you are thinking of specially-packed bags, how about one of these? Holy cow, an ER in a back pack? Wow!

Get those bags ready, my friends. Start simply and build them up over time.


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  1. It looks like you and your family will be out for an adventure. I would suggest not bringing perishable products for they will spoil easily. There are lots of durable bags on sale. You could use campers' bag that are waterproof. Don't forget to bring something that could serve as a protection. We all know that we're living in a harsh world, aren't we? And make sure you bring bottled water too. Food and water are our primary source of energy.