Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great, Something New to Worry About.....

            So, you live in small, rural town where everyone knows your name. The small police force solves every crime (if you call them that) and you feel it is safe to leave your door unlocked when you leave. Life is good. Why own a firearm? Why keep supplies in your home? Your community will help each other through anything, right?

            Just read an interesting article over at Survivalblog. Flash mobs started out as these “fun” little “get-togethers” of hippies with no jobs and expensive phones who did things like dance in public or create some type of “art.” Social networking allowed you to set up times and places to do your random “whatever” and stupefy the onlookers in a harmless manner.

Unfortunately they are getting dangerous. Like anything else good, stupid people pervert them until people start dying. In fact, you could argue that the “Occupiers” are nothing more than a prolonged flash mob. Looking back at the aforementioned article, nearly 20,000 members of a flash mob overran a small town of 600, destroying private property, urinating and defecating all over the place and throwing trash around. People were beating each other up and the local law enforcement was completely overwhelmed. According to the article, people had to stand on the porches with their guns to keep people away.

Now what do you think would happen when these people got hungry or thirsty or wanted to get out of the cold? Wouldn’t your place look pretty good? Twenty thousand people lay siege to a small town because of a tweet? Just for “fun?” 

Can you protect your home from "hippy zombies?”

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