Monday, April 16, 2012

Using Your Preps in a non-Emergency

            Read an article recently on the merits of prepping, not only for the major events but for the short term personal events, too. I think it was at or, but I haven’t been able to find it since. The author explains that she has been prepping for years and has to dip into her supplies, at times, for normal, everyday “survival.”
Think about it. Your stash (sometimes called “larder”) is like a bank account that you just keep adding to. In fact, since food just keeps getting more expensive, keeping food long term is almost like earning interest (except you will have to replace it). The author wrote about how she has used her large cache of supplies during times of economic hardship for her family. It goes to show you that you should be holding on to food that you and your family will actually eat and enjoy.
It’s good to use your Prepper food anyway as you rotate soon-to-be-expiring food out and fresher food in. The bulk of your preps at first will likely be canned food and packaged rice/noodles. Buy canned food like Ravioli, beef stew, hearty soups and chili. They typically have expiration dates 18 months to 2 years out. This is food you can eat any time.
So you really have no excuse. Try $5-10 extra on canned food each time you go to the grocery store. Throw in some rice and beans every now and then.
More on this later.

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