Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Reason to Prep?

            In the US, our elections are over and it seems that evil is winning. It shouldn’t be too great a surprise, but it is. Our greatest asset in this country is our liberty and it was wildly displayed last night. Yes, my friends, even the mentally deficient can vote and they do.

            Blame it on the failure of our education system (i.e., the failure of parents to ensure their kids education). Blame it on racism (favoring one race over another). Blame it on religious zealots (won’t vote for a cult member). Blame it on class envy (not gonna vote for a rich guy). Blame it on greed (don’t want my government check to get smaller). Take your pick, they all add up to some sort of mental deficiency.

            So what does the Prepper do? He endures. He keeps doing what he has been doing. He continues to plan and prepare for the unknown. Keep yourself on the down-low. Share your philosophy with others, but don’t shove it down their throat. Food and fuel is going to get a lot more expensive. Health care costs will skyrocket. The only one you can count on 100% of the time is yourself.

            For those of you that are on the east coast, stay strong. All of us at the Reluctant Prepper are praying for you. Look for items that will keep you warm and dry. Look for items to purify water. Seek shelter at all costs (even your pride). 

            I have a dream and that dream takes place four years from now.



  1. Dear TRP will a rush on supplies now cause a false shortage and falsely raise prices or are you recommending supplying yourself thru our own means starting yesterday........

  2. I don't think there are any "false" shortages anymore. And once prices rise, they don't tend to drop back. Any time is a great time to start prepping, but sooner is better than later. Prepping has never been cheap. The longer the food lasts, the more expensive it tends to be. I would start buying canned food that has a 2 year shelf life and move on from there. Also, I expect the cost of seeds is going to increase, too, as demand increases for home gardens next year. So I would stock up on seeds, too.

    Yeah, prepping yesterday would have been better, but today is better than tomorrow.

  3. I would be careful of calling any political candidate "evil" That can turn people off of your blog. Then again, it is YOUR blog, not mine. Keep it to prepping, please.

  4. Normally it is all prepping all the time. Sorry if you were offended, but in this case I fully believe it. Especially out here in California, candidates won who flat out lied in their ads and ballot measures passed that serve to separate me from more of my hard earned pennies without benefit. So when I say the evil guys won, I mean anyone who votes to take more of my money and waste it frivilously and to buy votes for their next election.

    Take heart, though. I rarely deviate from the title. And thanks for taking the time to comment.