Saturday, May 12, 2012

Doing Your Duty

            One of the main reasons for becoming a Prepper, even a Reluctant one, is my family. I’m not Rambo. I’m not John McClane. I’m just a teacher with two bad knees. Most of the skills I’ve acquired for teaching will be of little help in a survival situation. Even my “people skills” are not that great.
            Nevertheless, as a husband and a father, I have expectations of me that I must meet and hopefully surpass. I don’t freak out in extreme situations. I don’t have a problem investigating sounds in the night. I am loving and supportive most of the time, but I’m still working on it.
            If an extreme emergency-type event occurs, I want to be ready. I want my family healthy and safe. I will not steal from others or harm others because I didn’t have foresight to take care of my own family. My family would rather die than let that happen and so would I.
            I just finished reading this article on The first couple of paragraphs really hit home. The author, a former Navy SEAL, talks about how he had become too reliant on his SEAL team to get through any scrape. Now, his “team” is his young family. Sure, in a firefight, he is the man to have. However, the skills he had were needed by his entire “team” and then some. He needed to acquire more skills and make sure that his new team could help.
            If you are the head of a household, man or woman, you have a duty to protect your family. You need to make sure your team has the complementary skills to get through any emergency that may come about. Consider taking classes together in proper gun use and safety. Go camping and learn to cook outdoors.
            Think about it. You may spend years reading about Prepping, building food stores, amassing weapons, skills and camouflage. But what happens if you are not there? Does anyone else have the combination to the gun safe? Can your kids cook rice using a camp stove or solar oven?

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