Thursday, May 24, 2012


            Do you take a daily medication? Do you have arthritis? Diabetes? A Heart condition? Thyroid problems? OK, here is another question: How long will your current medicine supply last? Do you have a 30-day supply? 60-day? 90-day? Does it need to be refrigerated or frozen?

            Millions of Americans take medications every day. Some of them need it to thrive, others to stay alive. I don’t take a daily medication, but I have some good arthritis medication if I have a bad day. It works better than any OTC, but I could certainly survive without it. 

My point is that you should be prepping now to some degree and that is great, but what about the medicines you need every day? When it comes to food and water, we want you to eventually have a 30-day supply that you could stretch out to 60-days if you had to. The more food and water you have the better off you would be. But you can’t necessarily do this with medication. You just can’t skimp on things like insulin.

It’s time to plan for your medical needs. Let’s face it, if you are on deaths door, medically speaking, you are probably not going to survive a collapse of society. Well, your problems are over. I know that sounds obtuse, but I firmly believe there are worse things than death. Many Preppers on their last leg aren’t prepping for themselves. They are prepping for their families and those that stand a better chance of surviving. Sadly, in the first few weeks of a collapse, we will have an initial die-off that includes people who need daily medication or medical treatments to survive.

The following weeks will be the secondary die-off. These are people that only had a few days or weeks of life-preserving medication socked away. Will this be you? Maybe. So what can you do? Go to the doctor and ask for extra medication?

Actually, that is exactly what you do. If they say no, go ask another one. Explain very openly what you want and why you think you need it. They may laugh at you, but probably not. Remember that they have to answer for every prescription they write, so don’t be pissy about them saying no. Just move on. If there are doctors filling out prescriptions for stoners to get “medical” marijuana, there are doctors who will write prescriptions for long term medicinal needs. Of course, your insurance will not likely pay for it.

Of course, there are other ways of obtaining your medication. There are countless online pharmacies. Some require only a prescription from a doctor and you can get whatever you need. Be warned, though, most do not accept insurance. Other online pharmacies do not require a prescription or will write you one after a doctor “speaks” with you. I don’t how legal it is, so use your discretion. Finally, if you live close to a border, you can always go to a foreign country and get your supply. There are no guarantees, however, as far as quality and there may be legal issues with you bringing them back into the USA.

There are some good books out there that can help with Prepper medication. TheSurvival Medicine Handbook is supposedly pretty good and their website is very good. My favorite resource, though, is Armageddon Medicine by Dr. Cynthia Koelker. Her book and website are the most thorough survival medical manuals I have encountered. Plus, the book and website are about being your own doctor so you really don’t have to wait until a survival event to use them. Simple diagnosis and treatment, traditional and alternative, are detailed.

I know I keep saying, but don’t wait. You’re putting away food, water, tools, etc. Don’t neglect what may be your most obvious of necessities. And throw some aspirin in for good measure.

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