Thursday, May 17, 2012

Great Articles

I recently came across some very good, and very timely, articles that I wanted to share. I look at a lot of other prepping sites and while some are ridiculous, many are fantastic. No one can update their site every day, so it is nice to look at several good sites filled with good information.

            A great article about the realities of a societal collapse. Many articles of this ilk are geared more towards the “You laugh now, but I’ll laugh last” mentality of some Preppers. This article outlines some very specific and harsh realities of what life will be like after a collapse. Remember, even regional emergencies should be prepared for. It could take weeks for help to reach you after a snow storm or a black out or a strong earthquake. You can’t rely on anyone to bail you out.

            From my favorite website,, comes an article describing how you can fit a one week supply of emergency food into a five gallon bucket. No kidding. While I think it might work well for two people, you may need another bucket for four. Also, you will need a camp stove or solar oven and a solid water supply. However, it is great information. How about creating a bucket for someone as a birthday or Christmas present?

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